Computer engineering major at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I’m a fast learner with experience developing apps using Swift, Xcode, and Javascript. I love building things that can help people in tangible ways. The apps I build have been featured on the Apple App Store, and have 1,000s of active users every day.


Employed at Winter Family Care - iOS, MacOS Developer - March of 2020 - Present

Developed custom in-house software to move daily medical documentation to a fully paperless iPad and Web-based system which included an admin dashboard and passkey-protected kiosk and mobile apps. Developed custom payroll software, making it easier for payroll administrators to notify employees using automated emails for bi-weekly pay stubs.

OpenBudget - iOS, iPadOS, MacOS App -

I built OpenBudget to make budgeting money easier. The app provides a smooth onramp into budgeting using virtual envelopes and provides useful statistical data, charts, export options and full historical transaction search. The app makes use of a Javascript backend for processing recurring transactions and user authentication. It has also been featured by Apple in the App Store.

Fueling Timer - iOS App -

FuelingTimer helps people using Optavia™ diets keep track of when to eat “fuelings” using local notifications. Advanced customization options allow it to be used on multiple diet plans as in transitioning to long-term healthy habits. It can also scan food labels for tracking dietary information. FuelingTimer has appeared in the top 100 apps for Utilities since its release.

iOS Workshop Instructor -

Taught a series of workshops at the University of Minnesota App Developers Club. The workshops covered iOS development using SwiftUI using Swift. In addition to technical skills, I taught good app architecture and design concepts for building great apps.

Open Source

CodeEdit -

Developing an open source IDE native to MacOS. Contributing to issues and bug reports as well as reviewing pull requests and code quality. Developed features such as fast project-wide search, tab components, and other UI components. Participate in weekly meetings and leading live coding sessions for new contributors.


WWDC Student Developer Award 2020 Awarded for my coding of the game PaddleBreaker. The game uses technologies such as SpriteKit and UIKit to create a game that combines the popular Pong™ and Breakout games. It includes a custom physics engine, sounds, and infinite level generation.


University of Minnesota - College of Science and Engineering - Expected Graduation June 2024


Leadership, communication and friendliness. Proficient in Swift and Xcode for iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, and MacOS as well as development in Javascript. Experience using frameworks such as SwiftUI, UIKit, Cocoa, SpriteKit, User Notifications, AVFoundation, SiriKit, WidgetKit, and Catalyst. Also skilled in JavaScript frameworks such as Express, NodeJS and Firebase. Other programming languages include Java, Python, C and C++.